Musicians Who Have Went From A Band To Solo

Over the years there have been many musicians and singers who have went from a music career in a band to a solo music venture. There are a ton of these artists that have had successful careers but in the article I wanted to highlight some of my personal favourite ones. Eric Clapton – His … Continue reading “Musicians Who Have Went From A Band To Solo”

5 Business YouTube Channels You Need To Follow

There is an unlimited supply of business and marketing videos available on line, in particular we are talking about YouTube in this blog. 5) Behind The Brand is a great interview style event that showcases some great brand stories. This channel features a ton of well known speakers, companies and brands including Seth Godin, Simon … Continue reading “5 Business YouTube Channels You Need To Follow”

An Amazing Book Summary Service

If you are anything like me you don’t have time or patience to sit down and read a book every day. I have never been a book reader myself. I remember in school I would do whatever I could to avoid reading a full book… sometimes I’d read a summary, sometimes I would read the … Continue reading “An Amazing Book Summary Service”

Music That Inspired Me Through High School

I grew up in a town called Hemford in Rural Nova Scotia which was near New Germany and Bridgewater. Grade 7 is when I really started to get into music. I started to play the saxophone and took on the school radio playing music before school started and during special events at the school. Part … Continue reading “Music That Inspired Me Through High School”

My Favourite Place – Green Bay, Nova Scotia

One of my all time favourite places is Green Bay which is located on the South Shore of Nova Scotia near Petite Riviere which is between Lahave and Broad Cove. When I was a kid my parents always rented a cottage there for a week in the summer. Me, my sister and whole family loves … Continue reading “My Favourite Place – Green Bay, Nova Scotia”