Using Google G Suite For Business Email & More

G Suite Gmail For Business

I had always hosted my business email with my shared web hosting service. If you have any experience with shared web hosting you know that it can be very frustrating at times. I switched back and forth between a few different hosting companies as I had issues with the hosting or the website going down, email going down, emails not being delivered, etc. Finally after years and frustration I found out about Google’s G Suite for Business. I’ve now been using G Suite for about 2 years and the service has been flawless. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this earlier. I had always used Google’s gmail, calendar, docs and drive free services before so it was a pretty seamless transition to G Suite.

With the G Suite Basic you get:
Professional Business Email with
Calendar and Calendar Sharing
– Google Documents, Sheets & Presentations
30gb of Google Drive Cloud Storage
Video and Voice Conferencing

With G Suite Business you get everything in Basic plus:
Unlimited Google Drive Cloud Storage with more than 5 users (Accounts with fewer than 5 users receive 1TB / user)
Alerts on activity in Google Drive
Enhanced security features with Google Vault Smart Search across G Suite
Audit reports tracking user activity

Google G Suite Portfolio

I’m not sure how I ever ran my business and especially managed my email without G Suite. I believe this to be anĀ essential tool for any business whether you are just starting up or are well established. Just like any other google tool, G Suite is super simple to setup and use. My email has not gone down once since switching to G Suite and delivery has also increased significantly. The google calendar syncs perfectly with everything I use between my email, laptop and iPhone… without this I would have no idea what I’m doing the next day.The collaboration on google docs, sheets and calendar has been useful in several aspects of our business as well. Check it out today and you can get a FREE 14 Day Trial!

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