Unboxing & First Look Review of Numark DJ2GO2

Numark DJ2GO2

I recently picked up the Numark DJ2Go2 which is a small format DJ controller. The controller comes with Serato DJ Intro and is upgradable to the full version of Serato DJ. What really caught my attention with this controller was the combination of the extremely small size of the controller with the amount of features it includes. It has a built in sound card with a main output and a headphone output. The main output is only a 1/8″ headphone jack but it does come with  an adaptor cable to RCA’s or you can purchase your own cable adaptor to 1/4″ or XLR to connect into your sound system or mixer. The actual size of the controller is about the width of a standard 15″ laptop. The controller includes all the standard features most DJ’s would need to get through a set: cross fader, channel gain, cue point, tempo control and looping.

In my opinion for the cost of this controller (only $109 Canadian Retail!) this is something every DJ should have in their tool bag. It fits in your DJ laptop bag so there’s no excuse not to have it with you at all times. Whether it’s for a backup controller, a secondary setup for a ceremony or cocktails, something to practice with at home or hotel rooms or a travel companion for gigs you might be flying to and just need the basics.

Check out the video below for my unboxing and first look review. I connected and used it with Serato DJ Intro as that is what it comes with out of the box without purchasing a Serato DJ license. A lot of DJ’s assume since they use Serato DJ with another controller (like I do with the Pioneer DDJ-SX2) that they will be able to use Serato DJ with this controller. With Serato there are two different licenses that come with controllers… Controllers will either come Serato Enabled with the full version of Serato or they will come with Serato DJ Intro and be Serato DJ compatible. If you have not purchased a separate license for your Serato DJ compatible controller you will need to make this additional purchase. Personally I don’t see too much of a reason to upgrade unless you will be recording sets, etc. I downloaded Serato DJ Intro and it worked right off the bat and picked up my Serato DJ crates and music library.