5 Business YouTube Channels You Need To Follow

YouTube Business Videos

There is an unlimited supply of business and marketing videos available on line, in particular we are talking about YouTube in this blog.

5) Behind The Brand is a great interview style event that showcases some great brand stories. This channel features a ton of well known speakers, companies and brands including Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Russel Wilson, Cadillac, Tony Robbins, Panasonic and many more. Check out Behind The Brand and subscribe!

4) Marc Gordon – He’s local to me here in Ontario. He’s a marketer, keynote speaker and he posts some cool content online too. Check out Marc TV

3) Ted Talks is probably one of the most well known ‘keynote speaker’ events and YouTube channels. The Ted Talks channel is full of amazing keynote speeches under 18 minutes from a wide range of topics providing motivation, information, inspiration and more!

2) Kerwin Rae is an Australian that is becoming quite popular online. He’s got some great videos that are relevant to both your business and personal life. Make sure to checkĀ Kerwin Rae on YouTube and your favourite social media sites.

1) Gary Vee -Right now, I think the number one YouTube channel that every business owner, entrepreneur and professional should be subscribed to and watching is Gary Vaynerchuk. If you haven’t already heard about this guy, now is the time to start following him!

If you have a business, marketing or motivational YouTube channel we should know about let us know in the comments!

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