Pet Peeves & Things That Drive Me Crazy While Driving

Sometimes you wonder how people got their drivers license. It seems like every time I get on the road driving someone is doing something stupid that drives me crazy! Here are my top 3 pet peeves of drivers on the road.

1) When people don’t turn their lights on at night. Come on this should be common sense, when it’s starting to get dark out, if it’s raining or storming out it’s quite simple to turn your lights on.

2) Signal your turns, especially if you are at a red light and turning left. There’s nothing more annoying than when you are at a red light ready to turn left and the person in the other direction doesn’t have their signal light on to tell you they plan on turning left but they aren’t paying attention so it takes them a few seconds to actually start moving and turn left.

3) Butting in line, when you merge onto a highway or your lane is ending it’s common courtesy to alternate letting cars in. It drives me absolutely nuts when some smart ass driving speeds up in a ending merger lane or even on the shoulder of the road to but in the line of slow traffic to only get a few car lengths ahead.

There are lots of other stupid driver moves out there, these are just 3 that I see all the time and drive me crazy! You can also check out the site, for some bad parking jobs! Let me know what you driving pet peeves are in the comments.

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Gangnam Style Gone Crazy with YouTube Views & Remixes

PSY - Gangnam Style

Image from PSY Facebook

The huge hit ‘Gangnam Style’ by K-Pop (Korean Pop) star PSY has exploded in North America and around the world. As I’m writing this blog post his official YouTube video for Gangnam Style is approaching 451,000,000 views! Check out the official music video:

As with any popular song there will be unofficial remixes posted all over the internet. Here are a few Gangnam Style remixes that we found popular or entertaining.

Hitler Remix

Gangnam Style vs Sexy & I Know It

PSY vs Nicki Minaj

There are also many Gangnam Style Parody’s out there, check out PSY’s comments on the top 3 parody’s out there:

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My Top 10 Favorite Weezer Songs

Weezer is definitely one of my all time favorite bands. I listened to them since I was a young teenager and they continue to put out excellent records and songs. One of the few band you can actually still put on their record and listen to the whole thing from start to end.


Here is my Top 10 List of my Favorite Weezer Songs

1. Say It Ain’t So (Blue Album) – This is an obvious one, could listen to over and over. The whole Blue Album is amazing from beginning to end, but this stands out as the best track in my opinion.

2. Heart Songs (Red Album) – This one isn’t as popular, but I love the lyrics and music.
3. Undone (The Sweater Song) (Blue Album) – Another classic Weezer song off the Blue Album.
4. Beverly Hills (Make Believe Album) – Mid 2000′s single that really got me back to listening to Weezer
5. El Scorcho (Pinkerton Album) – A great catchy, sing a long song.
6. Buddy Holly (Blue Album) – Classic Blue Album Weezer track!
7. Island In The Sun (Green Album) – Catchy, fun summer song.
8. Keep Fishing (Maladroit Album) – Gotta love the video with The Muppets, My fav song from Maladroit.
9. Troublemaker (Red Album) – First listen to this album, this was one of my fav’s.
10. Silver (Nirvana Cover) – As part of Weezer’s encore on the 2008 tour they played a cover of Nirvana’s Silver, this was an amazing part of the show. This was the best quality I could find, I saw them at the Toronto show on this tour.

Bonus Song: Can’t Stop Partying – A different collaboration off the Raditude album

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Tired of Expensive Long Distance Phone Calls? Skype Is A Great Alternative!


If you are like me, you have a pretty good phone plan but sometimes you have to make a 20-30 minute or more

long distance phone call that will eat up a lot of your long distance calling time. Pretty much everyone has heard of or used Skype as the FREE Video Calling service for Skype to Skype calling. Did you also know they have very affordable calling options as well that you can call regular phone lines or cell phones from your computer and even set your caller id to your own phone number as well?

I have been using Skype for quite a while to video call with family members which has been awesome. I live in Ontario and my family is in Nova Scotia and Alberta. Having the ability to video call for FREE with my kids here in Ontario and their Grand Parents in Nova Scotia makes the distance a lot better. For just $2.99 / month you can get unlimited calling throughout North America! Can’t beat that rate anywhere, and no I’m not an affiliate or anything for Skype… just sharing.

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Guest Speaker Presentation – Are You Passionate About Your Business?

Terry HoldershawI have made several presentations on the topic of ‘Are You Passionate About Your Business?‘ and received an overwhelming positive response. I offer my speaking services with my ‘Are You Passionate?’ presentation that will customized to the audience I am speaking to. This presentation is ideal for business organizations, networking groups, employee meetings / training / team improvement events, conferences, committees, keynote speaker, etc. This presentation is interactive with the audience to get them involved with conversations, story telling and inspiration. Emotions are important when you are passionate about something that you do or believe in so this experience will make you want to smile, laugh, cry and most of all we hope it will re-ignite the fire for your passion in your life, business or work. My goal is to boost your energy and enthusiasm about your business, work or whatever it is you are passionate about.

Here is just a taste of some videos that I use in some of my presentations.

If you are interested in having Terry deliver a ‘Are You Passionate?’ presentation at your event, workplace or group please contact with details.

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Importance Of A Good Business Card

I attend lots of networking events and help to organize one weekly group, The Entrepreneurs of Port Credit. I see a lot of business cards, some are really good, some are really bad and some are average. No matter what your business is, you should have a business card and if you want to grow your business your card should in the the really good or better category. My business card is fairly simple and basic but it is printed on good quality stock, keeps the brand, is easy to read and has all the information you need to know what we do and how to contact us.

Terry Holdershaw of Scotia Entertainment Services Business Card Scotia Entertainment Business Card Back

When designing a business card here are the top 3 things I would consider:

1) Legible, you need to make sure that all the text and contact information is legible. Don’t cram the card up with too much information, keep it clean, include essential information and contact.

2) Make sure to include your Contact Information, most importantly phone, email and website.

3) Make sure to incorporate your Brand onto your business card, website and all marketing material.

An example of a bad card that I recently seen was a miniature card, which was a good idea to do something a bit different than the traditional business card, but it was so hard, almost impossible to read. You need to make sure that your text is large enough to read and does not blend in with your background colour when printed.

An example of something really cool and unique I recently saw was a slightly oversized business card for a Seniors Relocation service that featured a pull out magnifier insert. This would have been useful with the small hard to read card.

If you don’t have very much ‘Design’ experience and you don’t want to spend a fortune but still want some good quality business cards… I recommend They have an excellent, easy to use online designer as well as the option to upload a current card design, printed and shipped directly to you. There are also many excellent local printers and designers that are able to help you get a professional business card to start promoting your business. If you are looking for a local Toronto / Mississauga Graphic Designer or Printer let me know and I can connect you with some local suppliers as well.

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Hosting Your Website or Blog

As I’m sure you are aware, hosting your website and blog is a very important aspect of your online presence and marketing that is often overlooked. You need to look at what you are doing and hosting then take that and compare it to what your different options are. I highly recommend hosting your website and blog on your own hosting account, when you host on someone else’s account you loose a bit of control and more possibility of lost information or sites going down. You hosting is not only just hosting your website or blog, it is also hosting your domain email account which can be the most important means of communications. Could you imagine having an unreliable hosting account and having your website and email go down for a couple if day, weeks or even a month? If you have multiple websites there are many options out there that will allow you to host several websites under one account with unlimited storage and bandwidth. It is important to look at what is included with your hosting to make sure that it is suitable for your needs.

I Highly Recommend HostPapa For Your Hosting Needs.
Hostpapa Website Hosting

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Customize Your Social Media Posts

I recently read a great article from Constant Contact in regards to customizing your social media posts and links.

Here is a snippit from the article…

I’m not going to say that I have never done this myself. Sometimes it makes sense. I know it’s easy and saves time. But as a fan and follower, I like to feel like there’s value in the experience on each and every network. So when a brand’s Facebook posts include hashtags or @replies, I wonder what the value is in keeping tabs on them in both places.

Change the wording: Read each of your posts both on their own and as a series, while recognizing that many of your best customers, members, or prospects may see it on more than one social network. Even a slight wording change can make them feel different (for example, remove the Twitter hashtag from your Facebook post).

Highlight something else: In most articles or email newsletters, there are multiple points that would be interesting for your fans and followers. Highlight a different data point, a different takeaway for an upcoming event, a different article, etc.

Change the image: In addition to changing the message itself, if you are posting to different social accounts or networks, you can make your content appear new and unique by attaching a different image for each. That way, as people scroll through their news feeds, they won’t feel like they’ve seen it all before.

Constant Contact - Change Up Social Media Posts

Click Here for the Constant Contact Article

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By Far The Best Website URL Shortener –

I attended the Ultimate Networking Event yesterday at Payal Banquets and Convention Centre in Mississauga hosted by The Canadian Networker.

While at this event I saw a presentation by Paul Tobey from Toby shared some excellent information with the group and I wanted to share one of the most valuable tools that I learned from him. There are many URL shorteners out there and I have used several of them on a regular basis. From now on there is only 1 url shortener I will use and I will tell you why.

StumbleUpon_logo – This is a website url shortener developed by It is FREE, you just need to sign up or log in through your twitter account, then you can also link to your Facebook page as well if you want. Here is the BEST PART of – you get to see how many clicks went through, so this gives you tracking as to how well certain links are being clicked on through your social media network. It also will show you the dates and times that people are clicking on the link, this will help you figure out the best times and days to share information on your social networks and give you a better idea of which articles and links are getting the most attention.

I hope this is as helpful to you as it is to me… lets see how many of you click on the links to check it out!

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